PICS: Here’s The Met Gala’s Fugliest Fashion Ever

As we ready ourselves to judge this year’s sartorial stakes for the Met Gala, what better time look back on the weird AF fashion the event has hosted over the years. Focusing on the weird, the odd, the ‘what da fuck she/he thinkin?!’… and the just plain fugly.

The Met Gala is the one night celebs can let their freak flags fly sky high. While some famous folk kick fashunnn goals year after year in their looks, many ensembles miss the mark (*cough* Rachael McAdams vagina dress *cough*) and are just too fucking ugly for words.

So, NO MORE WORDS or further ado…

Here’s the fugliest Met Gala fashion ever:

Beyonce can do no wrong, oh wait.. this skin dress

I guess we all make mistakes

Is she an egg, is she a pizza base? Who knows

Bieber, no, pls no

tb #metgala2015

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Nothing suss to see here

If he only had a heart

A rare misstep for Kate

Derelique chic?

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Hey, that’s my doona cover?!

I don’t know what this is?

Buckle up

No, just no

THIS is art

50 shades of…stahp

#TB Dakota Johnson at the #Metgala2016 wearing @gucci

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Saint Sarah

Mary had a little goth

The queen of pop and messy Met Gala fashion

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