Game of Thrones olenna cat memes

PICS: ‘Tell Cersei’ Cats Is The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Meme That Won’t Die

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Game of Thrones might be over for 2017 but we have a whole year (or maybe two) of meme-making until the new season gifts us with some fresh material. Following the series finale, the one meme that (unlike the series’ characters) will just not die is Lady Olenna Tyrell’s final words, as spoken by cats.

The specific scene being referenced is when Jaime Lannister gives Olenna poison and in her dying statement she admits she was the mastermind behind Joffrey’s untimely death. We were shook.

The gist of the joke appears to be: find a cat, give him/her the Olenna style treatment, then post with text, “Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me”.

This was the hilarious cat pic that started it all:

This post inspired countless other recreations of the iconic GoT scene. All of a sudden, there are cats everywhere confessing murder plots, while being photographed cloaked in household objects.

Here’s the best we’ve seen so far:

It does work with dogs too (but their villainous agenda is less convincing).

Or you know, just inanimate objects.

But we all know that this grandma’s cosplay costume at Dragon Con 2017 makes her the ultimate Lady Olenna boss.

Header via Twitter.