PINK AMA Reaction

Pink Defends Her Mad ‘Cringe’ Moment During Christina’s AMA Whitney Houston Tribute

So Pink’s face during Christina Aguilera’s Whitney Houston tribute performance at the AMA’s has become a bit of an internet meme – even though Pink swears it wasn’t a grimace of pain but a grimace of pleasure.

Unfortunately for Pink, once the people of the internet get their hands on some meme-able content, the rationality of context becomes pretty irrelevant. And people love this cringe-face moment with a passion.

Historically, Xtina and Pink have (apparently) had beef, and people love to hold onto that shit even if the celebs in question have moved on long ago. So of course, fans are eating this up.

But Pink has stepped in to clear up that this is not beef at play. Pink Tweeted explaining that she was moved to tears by the performance, and that’s why her face looks like that, c’mon people. She’s made it clear that she’s all love and support for her fellow artist Christina.

So that’s that. Nothing to see here. Although let’s be honest now that this is a meme there’s really no turning back, sorry Pink!

Let’s enjoy a little taste of Christina’s epic (imho) Whitney Houston tribute and just bake a cake full of rainbows and smiles and we can all eat it and be happy xxx

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