People Are Pitching Cooked ‘Black Mirror’ Episode Ideas & They’re Way Too Believable

If like many of us, you spent a fair chunk of your holidays binging on the new season of Black Mirror on Netflix, you’re most likely feeling psychologically scarred and in desperate need of some lols.

Enter Twitter. Users have started attempting to pitch their own hilarious but bonkers Black Mirror episodes. Sadly enough, they all sound pretty accurate. There’s a well-worn theme that pretty much runs through every damn episode and can be summed up simply with the equation: future + technology = bad.

Embracing that ideology, the funny people of Twitter have written their own Black Mirror episodes around what can happen when technology takes over our daily lives. It’s a fun time but scarily way too believable.

Here are some of our fave Black Mirror pitches:

This is too real.

If only…

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