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PIVOT: Here’s A Solution To Turn Kylie And Kendall’s T-Shirt Disaster Into A Success

It’s been undeniably entertaining to watch the mega fail that has been Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s ‘vintage t-shirt’ line. Outrage is coming from all corners of the internet, complaining that the girls are simply self-entitled and disrespectful for ripping off respected artists to flog their shit. Was it stupid or brilliant? Hard to say.

The t-shirts are the classic band shirts of big names including The Doors, Tupac, Notorious BIG, Metallica, Nirvana ~ the list goes on. BUT with a fun twist: Kylie and Kendall have superimposed their own faces over the iconic artist. Fun, innovative collaboration! Minus the permission, but hell, what a great fusion of brands we have here.

Unfortunately, most people didn’t think so and now the Jenner sisters have been served with a whole lotta hate and some legal trouble.

Look, you can’t be too harsh! Who could have predicted that these iconic musicians wouldn’t have wanted to be on t-shirts superimposed underneath Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s faces? Almost impossible to see that coming.

While those particular music legends weren’t on board with this obviously GREAT idea, that doesn’t mean that the girls should throw away the concept entirely. It would be a crime to let all that creative labour go to waste. I mean, look at this thoughtful, remix art – surely they’ve spent years perfecting such a creative, unique technique:


So we’ve brainstormed some musicians that might be a bit more welcoming, maybe even stoked with the collaboration. Shuffle some things around and we are looking at some sick t-shirts that work for both Kylie and Kendall and the artists who need the extra promo boost.

Shannon Noll

Shannon Noll is a top bloke and I reckon he would let the gals usurp his mega popularity to sell some faux-vintage merch. He is a real giver, a generous soul.

3 doors down

3 Doors Down could do with any publicity that detracts from the unnerving fact that they performed at Donald fuckin Trump’s presidential inauguration. I know it might be desperate times but it’s an absolute myth that any publicity is good publicity. Winning back hearts isn’t easy and they could probably use a Jenner face to hide behind.

3 doors down

King Judah

Congratz to Judah Kelly for winning The Voice!!! You go King Judah! You have made Delta and all of us proud. Now that The Voice is over though, so is that publicity ride to temporary fame. As winner of a finished season of The Voice you are becoming increasingly irrelevant by the second. If we could give some advice to Judah Kelly it would be to get his face onto a t-shirt all mixed and melded together with Kylie Jenner’s STAT. Take the exposure before it’s too late and King Judah becomes another name in a blur of The Voice winners.



Facts are facts and Nickelback sucks. Their public image can not possibly get worse and they are only alive in our public discourse to be ridiculed so this seems like the perfect shirt for them. Nickelback overlayed with Kendall Jenner is the kind of meta pop culture merchandise that I am more than keen to own.


John Farnham

Not that Johnny Farnham will ever be irrelevant (ever), but I think he knows a good idea when he sees one and this is a publicity win. Johnny’s just doing a public service by bringing ‘The Voice’ to listeners across the globe for generations to come by making sure he connects to a younger audience and stays on the pulse. It’s all for the good of mankind. Thank you Johnny.

Green Day

Green Day has been broadly criticised for ripping off other people’s work (something they can bond over with Kylie and Kendall). There’s a fair few Green Day tracks that sound suspiciously like pre-existing music, that belong to other artists. But what really “belongs” to musicians right? Their music? Their brand and logo? It’s a grey area right! Surely Green Day wouldn’t have a problem with Kendall and Kylie using their band to sell t-shirts if it’s all just in the spirit of good sharing!


Bonus: Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is so keen to collaborate she’s even made her own mock up version of what her t-shirt might look like! Go Kelly! So helpful!


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