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A Countdown Of The 7 Greatest Pixar Romances That Brought Us To Tears

Pixar is the master of many things. Among those things is romance.

The Pixar team always knows how to make you laugh, make you cry, make you wanna believe that your toys have their own social lives. They’re powerful craftsmen, and they make you wanna believe in love.

While no Pixar film features romance as the central focus (because there’s a whole lot more to life than just trying to not be single and Pixar gets it), there’s been no shortage of romantic sub-plots. Bottomline is when Pixar does romance, they do it subtly and they do it damn well.

To celebrate the highlights of animated love, we’ve ranked our favourite Pixar romances that we always shipped back in the day.

7. Monsters Inc.

Mike Wazowski is definitely punching with his gf Celia. The pair are pretty sickly sweet and loved up nevertheless so it’s wholesome stuff. ‘Smoochie Poo’ and ‘Googly Bear’ really get around the baby talk nicknames and PDA as well.

Image result for monsters inc celia

Mike definitely owe’s her one after she got caught up in his adventure plot and ended up in a neck cone on her birthday. Despite the setbacks, at the end of the film love prevails. We ship it.

We’re shippin’ it big time.

6. Ratatouille

Alfredo Linguini and Collette Tatou definitely had chemistry from the get-go. Watching their relo develop was as close to a rom-com as Pixar will come.

Ahh young love.

Remember when he tried to play it cool. Classic dudebro.

And then he let his cool-guy exterior down…

And got the girl!!!

We ship it.

5. Toy Story

Woody and Little Bo Peep were the OG Pixar romance plot line and what a pair they were.

When we found out in Toy Story 3 that Andy gave Little Bo away, our hearts broke into a million tiny pieces. I’m still unsure of why Pixar would take love away from Woody but I guess things don’t always work out the way you want them to #LifeLessons.

4. Cars

I’m calling it, Lightning McQueen and Sally were a hot couple. Plus their flirting was off the charts.

That was a happy ending we were very much rooting for. Lightning + Sally 4eva.

We ship it.

3. Up

Ok, so the first few minutes of Up are brutal stuff. Almost as soon as we are introduced to the epic love story of Carl and Ellie, we have to deal with losing Ellie. It’s a lot of feelings.

But from what we get to see, Carl and Ellie are freaking adorable.

They are the perfect couple.

We can only aspire to find a bond like theirs.

While Ellie passes away before the couple can realise their adventure dream, they got to spend their lives together and isn’t that just so fucking beautiful oh shit this movie makes me cry.

2. Toy Story 2 & 3

Buzz Lightyear romancing Jessie was pretty damn sexy stuff. That Tango game was strong.

This was a relationship we wanted to see more of because at the end of the day, Buzzlightyear is a beautiful man who deserves love.

We ship it.

1. Wall-E

Wall-E and Eve. These little robots falling for each other in the post-apocalyptic world was perhaps the greatest love story of all time. Talk about finding love in a hopeless place.

Wall-E’s crush on ‘Eeeeeevaaaa’ is still one of the most heartwarming plotlines ever to be seen in any movie ever. EVER.

When Wall-E devotes himself to looking after Eve.

And when Wall-E finally gets to hold hands with someone and it’s so pure.

Wall-E and Eve, a love story for the ages.


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