Please Join Us To Express Desperate And Deep Feelings On ‘Bughead’ After The Latest Riverdale Ep

If you’re not up to the latest Riverdale, switch this off. Preserve your intact feelings and gtfo of here pronto – this is a place for broken people with lots of feelings who need a shoulder to cry on.

Okay – the innocent are gone… we shall continue.

The fifth episode of Riverdale‘s second season was a particularly brutal one and they had no mercy when it came to our (my) fave couple. I can’t believe it’s come to this, but Bughead, is dead.

I mean, I know this show is a ‘drama’ but c’mon why did they have to do this??? Take Varchie!!! Just leave us this pleeeease. This episode was way too stressful.

Watching Betty and Jughead be torn apart was just not enjoyable content and the heartbreak has Bughead fans confused, angry and just plain broken. Help us.

Yeah, look, full disclosure this entire article is essentially going to be the rantings of a Riverdale fan who ships Betty and Jughead maybe a little too hard but I know I’m not alone so let’s mourn together people. I have a lot of feelings and from here on in, I’m just gunna let it fly.

First, we had that scene at Pop’s where Jug comes to meet Betty and they kiss – like really kiss – and it’s so beautiful. Why can’t we just go back to that place? The happy place with milkshakes?

But then, of course, we have that heavy af emotional chat that’s so laden with doom and I feel like they both knew it even though Betty hasn’t told Jug about the Black Hood and his creepy af demands and Jug hasn’t told Betty about going full Serpent but deep down they know it’s the end. The Romeo and Juliet stuff was too much I just have a lot of feelings.

Seriously they should just go. Their town is fucked anyway.

And Betty has seriously turned up her acting game. Well done Lili Reinhart – that tear pretty much ripped out my fucking heart girl.

It was all too much to handle.

Then holy shit, The Black Hood demanding no more Jughead, like eughhh we knew it was inevitable. I know of course this psycho killer obsessed with Betty isn’t going to be keen on her having a boyfriend – but still – I hoped it wouldn’t come to this. Yet here we are.

Betty low-key holding back sobs and asking Archie to break up with Jug for her was honestly so intense. Why do the Riverdale creators want us to suffer like this? Then watching Archie do it was the absolute worst.

ALSO can we agree that Archie got super carried away and let his personal vendetta for the Serpents get in the way and was just so much crueller to Jug than necessary?? WTF Archie m8 we trusted you???? Betty trusted you???? Ffs don’t make this worse than it needs to be.

This brings us to, what I think we can all agree is THE WORST KISS to happen on Riverdale. Ever. When Toni leaned over to kiss a battered and VERY recently broken up with Jughead heads everywhere were exploding.

Look, I get that Toni is her own person and probably a really interesting character with a story and what not – but at this rate she’s just encouraged Jughead to join a gang and then clearly rooted for the end of Bughead.

She’s like a big fucking iceberg sinking the Titanic. Well done Toni. Sorry but you do not have a lot of fans right now.

Ever since she gave Betty that sass about her loosening her ponytail I knew she had an agenda!!!!!!!

And also wtf Jughead your relationship ended like 2 seconds ago and I get that you just walked through that line of Serpents beating you up and you’re feeling super ‘badboi-Jughead’ and what not but honestly fuck you man this was not cool.

Honestly, we are just angry at everyone now.

Soooooo what’s going to happen now??? Is Jug going to try to get Betty back? How will that play out??

Please Riverdale Gods fix this mess you made immediately. Someone get me a drink.

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