Japanese Soccer 100 Kids 3 Pro Players

Watch 3 Pro Soccer Players Take On 100 Kids For This Hilarious Japanese TV Segment

Japanese TV has a quirky knack for feeding our core human desires with bonkers entertainment and this latest soccer segment is a testament to that.

The video sees 3 professional soccer players sent into battle against a mob of 100 kids ~ and that includes 10 goalkeepers.

According to some comments online, this is some kind of New Years Eve tradition that attempts to put the age-old ‘quantity vs quality’ to the test. Whatever it is, it’s bloody mental and we’re here for it.

Despite their numbers, the 100 kids just didn’t seem to have the ability to outsmart the pros. As TeaClub described the soccer formations on Twitter:

“What was the formation? At first it seemed a 40-40-20 but then I could see a 30-40-10-20 (with ball) and a 50-30-20 (without ball). Very dynamic.”

By the end of the video, the three professionals walk away with a 2-1 win but as this Reddit commentator so graciously puts it, we reckon they could have smashed a few extras through the net if they really wanted to.

Check out the full video here:

If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your thirst for ridiculous entertainment, how about trying this video from 2012 which sees 3 Olympic fencing masters take on 50 opponents (at the same time of course). Completely nuts stuff.

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