Here’s Where To Access Punkee’s Content Now That Facebook Has Ghosted Us

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If you woke up today, went to check Punkee’s Facebook and couldn’t find it, well, same! But don’t stress, we’re still here creating content on everything you love.

ICYMI, Facebook has made the move to restrict publishers and users in Australia from sharing and viewing news articles on its platform. It’s all in response to the government’s proposed media bargaining laws, and Punkee falls into the category of being a news site that has been banned, even if we do just want to write about reality TV and other things that make people happy.

The good news is: we’re still here writing articles, chatting in our Facebook group, sharing memes on Instagram, and live-tweeting all our fave shows. The bad news is: articles may be a little harder to find/won’t be popping up in your news feed.

But just like our fave reality stars, we will keep popping up where you least expect it.

Here’s how to access Punkee’s content now that Facebook has dumped us:

Punkee’s Homepage (duh!)

You’re on it right now!

Punkee’s Instagram

It’s fair to say, we have the most fun on Instagram vs. other platforms. Join us!


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Punkee’s TikTok

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Punkee’s Reality Tea group

We’re still here on Facebook in SOME capacity. We’ll be having live threads for upcoming reality TV shows, and chatting general stuff in our Facebook group which you can find here.