pussycat dolls songs ranked

Every Pussycat Dolls Song Ranked By How Much They Loosened My Buttons

We might be heading into 2020, but suddenly we’re back in 2005 again because the Pussycat Dolls have reunited and are heading down under on tour. Jai ho!

It honestly feels like the iconic girl group never left, with bangers like ‘Don’t Cha’, ‘Buttons’ and ‘Beep’ still a staple on any pub dance floor rotation. Their songs will live on forever as absolute D-floor anthems.

Since PCD had so many hits in the years they were together, I decided to put their songs to the ultimate test: which tracks truly loosened my buttons?

Every Pussycat Dolls Song Ranked By How Much They Loosened My Buttons:

#11. ‘Hush Hush; Hush Hush’

This was the only PCD song I could never vibe with. Maybe it’s because it samples ‘I Will Survive’ and you shouldn’t mess with perfection unless you do it better, and this is extremely meh. Not into it and my buttons haven’t moved an inch. NOT AN INCH.

#10. ‘Bottle Pop’

This is just the most basic bitch of pop songs. It’s okay. It does the job. But it’s just so meaningless and empty. It’s no coincidence that ‘Hush Hush; Hush Hush’ and ‘Bottle Pop’ were the last two songs released by the group — they err…sucked.

#9. ‘Wait A Minute’

The song is fine. Just fine. There might be some hip-swinging and thigh-slapping but my buttons are still intact and unmoved.

#8. ‘Stickwitu’

This slow jam was PCD’s second single and while it does not slap nearly as hard as ‘Don’t Cha’, it’s still a solid ballad. I must admit a single button has been slightly loosened.

#7. ‘Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)’

Now THIS song takes me back. I vividly remember breaking out into some kind of possessed Bollywood dancing routine on the D-floor. This song is a bop, has an insatiable beat that can’t be resisted and I have begun to unbutton. It’s happening.

#6. ‘I Hate This Part’

This song is SAD. I know! It’s the last ballad on my list but it ranked the highest because of the EMOTIONS. This is a great track and the video has all the sexy dolls rolling around getting sandy, while weeping in the desert. And if that’s not enough to loosen two buttons, I don’t know what is?!

#5. ‘Beep’

What. A. Song. I especially like that the word ‘Beep’ could mean anything?! Such fun! I’m sure they are talking about their hearts and not their private parts. I especially appreciate all the “HA-HA-HA-HA” bits because it’s fun laughing at men. I’m ripping my shirt open at this point. Buttons, be damned!

#4. ‘I Don’t Need A Man’

Did you know that PCD started third-wave feminism and this song was part of the movement’s manifesto? Me neither because I just made it up. But tbh, it checks out because this song is a self-love anthem. And I will loosen my own buttons because I am a smart, independent, woman. Hear me roar…or should I say meow?

#3. ‘When I Grow Up’

This was the lead single off PCD’s second album and it still slaps so hard. This time the group don’t just “HA-HA-HA-HA,” they also say “LA-LA-LA-LA” which is GREAT FUN for a sing-a-long. Also when Nicole sings “groupies,” it really sounds like “boobies,” and that’s just a wonderful oversight.

#2. ‘Don’t Cha’

From the very first “Oooh baby!” you know this track is just hot as fuck. This is the song that launched the girl band into superstardom and it’s for good reason — it’s still to this day impossible to NOT groove along to. Who doesn’t like stealing other women’s boyfriends?! It’s a sexy song dedicated to man-eaters and I have unbuttoned with wild abandon. IMMA FREAK.

#1. ‘Buttons’

I think we always knew what Pussycat Dolls track would be number one. ‘Buttons’ is a beyond iconic anthem. No matter what age, it will summon any group of girls to the D-floor. The song just drips sex and female empowerment and we will stan this banger forever.

In short, my buttons are extremely loose.

As the very wise Snoop Dogg once said “What it do, baby boo?” What it do, indeed! My buttons are gone! Vanished! Never to be loosened OR seen again!!!