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Two ‘Queer Eye’ Couples Went On A Double-Date & We Can’t Handle The Cuteness

Honestly, Queer Eye is an ever-flowing spring of beautiful moments and positive feelings — those beautiful boys sweep into people’s lives and make them better.

We should all be thankful for these flamboyant angels of fashion and mercy.

And one of the nicest things we keep seeing is the lingering effects of all their good work — the Fab Five are making a lasting impression on so many people, and it’s wonderful to see.

Post-show we’ve had weddings, we’ve had rollercoaster relationships, and now we’ve had… double dates.

Two of Queer Eye’s most iconic (straight) couples have recently posted pictures of themselves having a really cute double date. And honestly, it’s just nice.

There’s not a lot more to it, except that this wonderful show is forging friendships and wholesome moments and that’s amazing in itself.

Tom and Abby from Season 1 are best known for making the ‘redneck margarita’ a thing, and for their tumultuous post-show courtship, which ended in a gorgeous wedding.

They were joined by William and Shannan from Season 2, whose episode revolved around their rather extra proposal. They’re all married now, and the men are French-tucking their shirts into a happy future.

It’s nice they can all come together and appreciate how much better their lives are since they met gay people.

Queer Eye seasons one and two are currently streaming on Netflix.

This article was originally published on Junkee.