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The New Season Of ‘Queer Eye’ Drops Extremely Soon & We’re Screaming

Great news, everyone — the second season of the perfect croissant of a show Queer Eye is coming to Netflix on June 15. That’s exceptionally soon! We’re excited!

Netflix rebooted the iconic nineties show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with a much needed twist earlier this year. It’s no longer aimed entirely at making disgusting straight men look better so they can get girlfriends.

Now, the new Fab Five give men a full life makeover, giving their emotions and wellbeing as much attention as their homes, fashion, appearance, and culinary skills.

It’s an exceptionally sweet and inspiring show, and one that does a bang-up job of tearing down toxic masculinity.

The first season had some absolutely beautiful moments, with some of the post-show consequences including rollercoaster romances, avocado themed jokes, and extremely thirsty photoshoots. It’s all great stuff! Bring on season 2.

In even better news, the Fab Five have announced they’re coming down under in June. To celebrate they’ve gifted us with one of those videos that US celebrities love to do, where they say a bunch of weird phrases like “shrimp on the barbie”. I mean, I guess that’s fine.

Apparently they’ll be doing a secret Australian makeover — maybe their project is our entire country and they’ll burn it all to the ground?

Naturally, people are extremely excited about the second season landing so soon:

The new season of Queer Eye drops on Netflix on June 15.

This article was originally published on Junkee.

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