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Shannan & William From ‘Queer Eye’ Got Married Proving The Fab Five Are All Powerful Love Wizards

Honestly, the beautiful Queer Eye folk can do everything — dismantle the pillars of toxic masculinity, build our beautiful homes, groom our disgusting hair, and as we’ve discovered yet again, help people fall in love.

You’ll remember William and Shannan from episode two of the second season, ‘A Decent Proposal’. William was a pretty standard version of vaguely clueless straight guy, who needed a shave and a handsome queer telling him to pull his socks up.

The point of his whole episode was basically that he and his long term girlfriend, Shannan, were massively in love with each other, but he was too scared to propose.

Karamo helped out with this, and we got to see every extremely awkward second of the proposal, including a white tuxedo suit, a public display of affection, a short film, and the coining of the phrase “I Shannan you” to replace “I love you”.

It was a lot, but you can definitely see that these dorks were massively in love, and just needed a push in the right direction.

Well, in excellent news for everybody who believes in love, the proposal has paid off and Shannan and William got married.

William took to Twitter, saying that “On June 16th, I married my best friend Shannan on the beach of Amelia island at sunrise.”

This isn’t the first Queer Eye wedding, with season one giving us the rollercoaster wedding of Tom and Abby, and the marriage of the adorable AJ and Andre.

Thank god that we have the Fab Five looking out for us.

Queer Eye season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

This article was originally published on Junkee.