RANDOM?! ‘My Kitchen Rules’ Frenemies Tim & Amy Are Actually A Couple IRL

Turns out the sexual tension built in the kitchen is a recipe for lurrrrve.

News has just surfaced that ‘My Kitchen Rules’ contestants and rivals Tim and Amy are actually dating IRL. The two were competitors in their corresponding teams, with Kyle and ‘angry angry man‘ Tyson, and have so far been slayin’ the cook-off comp.

The romance was confirmed when Tim and Amy were recently spotted on a lunch date in Brisbane. Amy previously spoke to New Idea about the new bae she met on the reality show,  describing the relationship as “still fairly new… but we’re very happy”.

The revelation is particularly surprising as most viewers had assumed that a MKR romance would blossom between Tim’s mate Kyle and rival Bek. But apparently the pair have been a couple for awhile, with competitor Josh telling New Idea:

“I can’t believe it hasn’t come out yet! Tim has definitely fallen for another contestant,” he said.

How cute! But how will her angry angry bro feel about the new member of the family?!

I will destroy you.

Good luck to them. I think you’ll need it.

Source: Channel 7

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