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We Ranked Your Fave Chicken Nuggets In The Name Of Nugget Science

Chicken nuggets keep the world turning. That’s just a fact I’m not interested in defending with any real proof or valid explanation.

I’ve tasted my fair share of nugs in my lifetime but which chicken nuggets rule them all? We put the four biggest fast food names in Australia to the test: Red Rooster, KFC, Macca’s and Hungry Jack’s.

We Ranked Your Fave Chicken Nuggets In The Name Of Nugget Science

I quickly discovered that once you start eating nugs, you just can’t stop. Thems the rules.

Oh man, I ate a lot of nuggets and now I feel quite sick. But fear not, I will live on to eat nuggets another day… probably tomorrow. Although I haven’t sorted out dinner plans tonight, so who knows.

We’ve ranked every type of fast food nugget, because SCIENCE:

4th Place

Hungry Jack’s

Price: $3.75 for 6 nuggets

Biggest pros: They’re super cheap. That’s it.

Biggest cons: Ngl, these were truly awful. They tasted extremely reheated and just bad in general. I’m personally offended HJ’s dared to call these tiny parcels of pain chicken nuggets at all.

3rd Place

Red Rooster

Price: $5.80 for 8 nuggets

Biggest pros: The crunch of these chicken bois was extremely good. While they tasted like rather basic nuggets you might chuck in the oven after school, there was something comforting about the nostalgia factor.

Biggest cons: As mentioned, these nuggets are very basic. Not much flavour and apart from the crumb, I did not enjoy these nuggy dudes much at all. Sorry RR. But actually no. Chicken is your speciality, so do better.

2nd Place


Price: $5.95 for 6 nuggets

Biggest pros: The flavour of the chicken was so damn good. These by far taste the most like they may be from a real chicken. The seasoning on the outside is the tastiest too.

Biggest cons: There was zero crunch. Like, they didn’t even try. GIMME. DAT. CRUNCH. KFC. Plus, if you’re going to be soft/soggy, then maybe have the skin stay on those nuggies, m8. The skin was all floppy, which isn’t very appetising. They were also by far the most expensive but I would still eat them again tbh.

1st Place


Price: $5.60 for 6 nuggets

Biggest pros: The crunch from these chicky gems is out of this world. So damn crunchy and yummo. I could sink down at least 10 in one sitting. They’re cheap AF too, so why the hell not.

Biggest cons: Crunch and value aside, the flavour itself was not quite as yum as KFC. But when you’re biting through layers of crunch and dunking deep in some sweet and sour sauce, then you won’t be complaining.

Well, there you go, Macca’s were the best overall while Hungry Jack’s were absolute trash.

With this precious info, I’m now ready to take on the world!