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We Ranked The New ‘Black Mirror’ Eps In Order Of Which Will Destroy Your Soul

If, like me, you are currently feeling personally victimised by Black Mirror after watching all six episodes of season four in one day, then you are currently wading in the depths of binge-inflicted PTSD.

While the popular Netflix show might be addictive AF, it also has the tendency to make the viewer feel like the future is looking fucking bleak and that the technology that surrounds us wants to kill you. My microwave is certainly looking all kinds of shifty these days.

The latest season’s eps are no different, with many leaving us permanently shook and our souls may never recover.

So as a sort of personal therapy, we’ve ranked the six episodes accordingly and tried to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

We’ve ranked the new Black Mirror eps from kind of cooked to 100 percent soul-destroying:

6. Hang The DJ

Sure, this episode is frustrating and depressing to watch at times, but it also has an overall sense of hope and optimism, far more than the others. Within the Black Mirror universe, which is often grim AF, this is a nice, uplifting and heart-warming story. By far the least terrifying in the season.

5. Metalhead

This is the most contentious episode that many have already called the season’s worst.

Is it disturbing? Yep. But it is also just boring and will probz not keep your attention enough to actually shock you.

4. USS Callister

This episode is one of the best of the entire series. It’s absolutely enthralling, carries come important commentary on toxic geek masculinity BUT will fuck you right up. Think Star Trek meets Hostel.

3. Crocodile

Kicking off with a dead baby and ending with a guinea pig with a damn good memory, ‘Crocodile’ is all over the place and will leave you shook and in pieces.

2. Arkangel

This Black Mirror episode is deeply unsettling from beginning to end. An example of helicopter parenting gone mad, the story is absolutely gripping, but excruciatingly graphic and truly cooked.

1. Black Museum

Everything about this episode is FUCKED UP. From the dude that gets off on pain and murder, to a man being digitally held captive in a museum for years. I know the idea of that woman living in a teddy bear until the end of time has left me traumatised for life. I’m done. Ded.

Images via Netflix.

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