Tim Tams

This Is Our Definitive Ranking Of Tim Tam Flavours, Argue Amongst Yourselves

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Who doesn’t love a good Tim Tam?

We all know that Tim Tams are the greatest biscuit that have ever graced our tongues and we couldn’t be prouder that they’re from our own country. 

Ultimately, Tim Tams are an Aussie pantry staple. Whether you’ve got a house party coming up or you’re craving a little something to hold you over until dinner time, Tim Tams are getting thrown into the trolley whenever you do a grocery shop. But let’s be real, not every flavour is a hit. 

So, in an attempt to do the impossible, I’ve decided to rank all the current available flavours of the sweet biscuit, from worst to best. If you disagree with any of my opinions feel free to sound off in the comments because I would be more than happy to buy more Tim Tams if I need to re-think my ranking. 

And so, without further ado, let’s rank all the Tim Tam flavours that you can currently buy from your local grocery shop.

Ranking all the Tim Tam flavours:

#11. Dark Choc Chilli

Tim Tams

What the actual fuck is this shit. I would like to have a serious chat with the intern at Arnott’s that pitched this mess because oh my God, I couldn’t think of anything worse to eat for a snack. Don’t get me wrong, I love chilli, but that doesn’t mean I want chilli in my sweet treats. What’s next? Sriracha on my cereal? No thank you. 

#10. Manuka Honey & Cream (Crafted Collection)

Tim Tams

Now, it should be stated that this flavour isn’t actually that bad, it’s just that it should taste a lot better. Manuka honey and cream, in theory, should be a winning combination, but for some reason, it misses the mark – by a long shot, might I add.

#9. Orange & Dark Chocolate (Crafted Collection)

Tim Tams

Again, in a similar vein to our number eleven spot, dark chocolate and orange are two ingredients which I never really would’ve put together. In this combination, the flavours are actually quite nice, but it might take the entire pack just to get used to it. Regardless, if dark chocolate is your chocolate of choice, then I reckon this one is up your alley! 

#8. White 

Tim Tams

OK now, we’re getting into the good stuff. Calling all white chocolate stans, this one’s for you. While white chocolate can often fall short to its milk chocolate counterparts, Tim Tam has found a way to make this flavour work, and work well! Only issue: this flavour isn’t the best for a Tim Tam slam. The combination of white chocolate and milk is a little too bland for my liking.  

#7. Choc Mint

Tim Tams

Ooooooo, name a better duo than chocolate and mint! This is one hell of a biscuit and 100% will delight your tastebuds. The only reason it’s so far down on this list is that, ultimately, when I crave a choc mint biscuit, I’m going for a Mint Slice. Can you blame me? 

#6. Strawberries & Cream (Crafted Collection)

Tim Tams

And you thought Chuppa Chups had a monopoly on strawberries and cream. One of the better ‘Crafted Collections’, this flavour is sophistication meets nostalgia. If you’re a fan of extremely sweet biccies or a sweet buddy to go with your afternoon tea, this is a goer! 

#5. Dark

Tim Tams

Now we’re getting into the top tier level. Dark chocolate is an absolute classic. Whether you’re a fan of dark chocolate or not, the way that the coating, the crunchy biscuit and the creamy inside work together is just like magic. It’s not too strong, it’s not too weak, it’s just right! Mama bear would pick this for sure.

#4. Salted Caramel (Crafted Collection)

In my opinion, this is the best Crafted Collection Tim Tam by far. If you’re feeling particularly fancy or making a dessert which resembles something out of a 5-star restaurant, this is the ingredient for you! Who knew that all it would take to make caramel better is to add a little salt to it! Pure. Genius. Einstein could never.

#3. Double Coat

Okay, now we are really nitpicking. Don’t get me wrong, the double coat is actually incredible. Really, it’s a masterpiece. If you feel like you need a big sugar hit, this is definitely the biscuit for you. The only issue is, it is a little bit hard to pull off a Tim Tam slam with this bad boy (because it’s super thicc) and you get 2x less Tim Tams in the packet. But hey, if you’re stocking up on these, this might be your winner. 

#2. Chewy Caramel

If you haven’t had a chewy caramel Tim Tam before, you are absolutely missing out. This particular flavour is essentially a regular Tim Tam with some soft caramel layered throughout, resulting in a similar flavour to Twix. 

The first time I took a bite out of a chewy caramel Tim Tam, I finished the whole packet. Now, I know that’s not saying much as I’m sure we’ve all finished an entire packet of Tim Tams with utter ease, but that does show you how addictive they can be. 

#1. Original

Ah, the original Tim Tam. Pure, utter perfection. The taste of Australia. Even though Tim Tam has launched a bunch of spin-offs, I’ve decided that nothing – and I really mean nothing – beats the original. 

Sure, if you’re at a party, and you see a bunch of different flavours, curiosity may get the better of you. But, when you’re at the supermarket and you’re looking to buy one packet of biscuits, we know you’re getting the original Tim Tams. And for that reason, they take the winning spot here. Tim Tam’s slogan is “there is no substitute” and look, they’re not wrong. 

But also, while we’re on the subject, do you store your Tim Tams in the fridge or the pantry?