Pitbull Worst Bad Lyrics

Bloaow, Bla-Bla-Blaooow: A Deep Dive Into 10 Of Pitbull’s Best Shit Lyrics

When we hear the words “Pitbull” or “Mr. Worldwide” don’t we all think “musical excellence” and “lyrical genius”?

When it comes to Pitbull, you may not be able to understand wtf he’s talking about the majority of the time but you can usually assume that it’s offensive and/or nonsense. But hey, the people love to hate him so he’s still kicking it.

There is an art to Pitbull’s lyrical creations that we must stop to consider. Cooked lyrics don’t just write themselves, my friends. That is why we are going to take a dive into some of Mr. Worldwide’s best shitty lyrics. This way we can truly appreciate what makes Pitbull, Pitbull.

Buckle up because this is a lyrical ride for the ages.

1. ‘Get It Started’

“Big news, Pitbull, Tom Cruise, Mumbai”

Is he trying to tell us something? What is it??? Sometimes it’s impossible to decipher whether Pitbull is being cryptic or just spouting absolute nonsense but honestly I can find no links between these nouns.

2. ‘Hotel Room Service’

“Your man just left/I’m the plumber tonight/Let me check your pipes/Oh, you’re the healthy type. Well, here goes some egg whites.”

This is pretty fucking rank hey. He managed to desexualise sex. Well done Mr. Worldwide.

3. ‘Hotel Room Service’ (again bc this one’s a real ripper)

“2 + 2, I’m gonna undress you/Then we’re gonna go 3 and 3 you gon’ undress me/Then we’re gon’ go 4 and 4/We gon’ freak some more”

What is this math?? First we seem to be doing addition, then we seem to be counting, but on the whole these numbers seem to be, like many a Pitbull lyric, arbitrary place holders for the purpose of rhyming.

4. ‘Sexy Body’

“S for the sex
E for the e in
X, forget about your ex
Y, ’cause baby, I’m up next
B for the best
O for the one
D ’cause I’m down
Y, yolo, done”

Yay alphabet!!! Pitbull rapping a dirty acrostic poem feels like an inevitability, and we commend him for not going for the obvious choice for “D”. But any appeal to engage in sexual relations that ends with the reason “Y, yolo, done” is underwhelming to say the least.

5. ‘Fun’

Now you can’t say that Mr. Worldwide doesn’t have a way with words because this right here is some literary prestige in action:

“You know I’m on that sticky/Icky, icky, icky, icky”

Ha yea jk this sounds like something a toddler who has just learned words would say after eating with their hands.

6. ‘Don’t Stop The Party’

“Yours truly/Bloaow, bla-bla-blaooow”

To be fair, he was faced with the daunting challenge of rhyming with the line “Zig-a zig-a zig-a zig-a zow”, so, he did the best he could under the circumstances.

7. ‘Give Me Everything’

“Me not working hard?/Yeah, right, picture that with a Kodak/Or better yet, go to Times Square/Take a picture of me with a Kodak”

Why does this feel like poorly disguised product placement? Oh! Because it is:

Ridiculous Lyric of the Week: “Give Me Everything”

Image Source

I would have loved to witness the creative process when Pitbull was trying to think of what could rhyme with Kodak and came up with Kodak.

8. I Know You Want Me

“Mami got an ass like a donkey/with a monkey/look like King Kong,”

He lost me at “with a monkey” but other than that, I get that the line of thought is some kind of objectification of women by comparing them to animals apparently with booty.

9. ‘Sexy Beaches’

“And the mama is like wow/And the booty’s like bang, bang, bang/I don’t bring sand to the beach/Bring the beach to the sand”

I’ve tried to decode this beach/sand metaphor and I’m coming up dry so if anyone has any gr8 ideas that can turn this from nonsense into sense then hit me up. All we’ve got so far is some kind of vague reference to an ambiguous STD? Drugs? Erosion? Idk.

10. ‘Day Drinking’

“Yeah we like to party/And like to fuck to ‘Drunk In Love’, Beyoncé/Do ya thang,”

Let’s wrap this up with a solid Beyoncé reference that is impossible to hate because, Beyoncé. Pitbull has a whole lot of shit lyrics but we are on the same page about ‘Drunk in Love’ being a banger and at least he knows what real talent looks like.

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