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DRAMZ: Following Last Night’s RHOMelbourne The Ladies Are Attacking Each Other Online

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Last night’s ep of The Real Housewives of Melbourne was… a lot to digest.

It kicked off with Venus using a homophobic slur to describe new housewife Sally but then plundered to new lows as Gina accused Sally of calling her (I can’t quite believe I’m typing this)… a “wog bitch”.

The drama all went down as the gals were vacaying in Mexico – but if you watch this show then you know that these holidays are really just a chance to get the gang together, fill ’em up with alcohol and let the mayhem unfold. Who can forget THAT dinner in Dubai? I certainly cannot.

There’s certainly no love lost between Sally and Gina. After Gina’s pretty savage treatment of Gamble this season, Sally labelled Gina a bully at a dinner. This was the catalyst in last night’s ep for Gina to say that she heard Sally call her the above racist insult. However, most of the ladies denied it was ever said.

The plot thickens.

As the episode aired, Sally, Jackie and Janet all posted to their socials that Lydia has since said the whole story was fabricated.

The women are all saying the same story, that the insult was never actually said at the reunion after party.

But Lydia herself is discounting their story.

When a Twitter user showed Lydia what Janet had said about the incident, Lydia responded:

Gina then jumped in to echo Lydia, saying that Sally, Janet and Jackie are covering up the truth.

Gina also posted this tweet again saying that the women are lying to protect Sally’s rep.

I guess we’ll have to wait until the reunion to see what was actually said.

I don’t know about you but I miss the ol’ days when a whole season was dedicated to the drama around Gina calling Lydia a ‘see you next Tuesday’.

It sure was simpler times.