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The New Cast Of ‘Real Housewives Of Melbourne’ Is Here But Where TF Is Jackie?

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After what feels like actual decades of waiting, Real Housewives of Melbourne is officially returning for its fifth season and it’s time to meet the new cast.

You can breathe a sigh of relief that most of the OGs are returning, with Lydia Schiavello, Janet Roach, Gina Liano, and Gamble Breaux all slipping back into their housewife heels for a new season of drama.

Last season’s newbies Sally Bloomfield and Venus Behbahani won’t be making a comeback, but I’m far more devastated that Jackie Gillies (aka wife of a professional rockstar) will also not return to the series. An actual tragedy.

In a recent interview, Jackie revealed that she is departing RHOM and putting her energy into starting a family. “Ben and I really talked about it and we wanted to put everything on pause, including Housewives, to focus on starting a family,” she told Stellar. “I’m not getting any younger,” she added.

While the new season might be lacking shine, we have three sparkly new housewives added to the mix – Kyla Kirkpatrick, Cherry Dipietrantonio and Anjali Rao – who will no doubt stir up the drama.

Anjali is probably the most familiar face out of the three: she’s a television news anchor and broadcast journalist who has previously hosted Dateline and spent years hosting CNN’s weekday breakfast news along with celebrity chat show, Talk Asia.

Meet the three news housewives:

Kyla Kirkpatrick

Cherry Dipietrantonio

Anjali Rao (her Instagram is currently on private)

There’s no set date for the new series’ premiere but we reckon it’ll drop in late 2020.