10 Reality TV GIFs That Sum Up Your Summer

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We can all agree that summer is the best time of year. You get three months to laze on the beach, work on your tan, eat more gelato than usual, and binge your fave TV shows.

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When you’re out and about this summer, ask yourself, “What would Stassi Schroeder do?” Or “What would Kim do?” Or even “What would Nene Leakes do?”, then act accordingly. Because nothing sums up the long days and adventure-filled nights of summer like the kings and queens of our reality TV screens.

#1. Freedom!

It’s the first day of your summer holiday and you’re ready to live it up.

#2. Going to the beach the first chance you get

It’s almost physically impossible how quickly you and your mates make it to the beach. And then again, and again, and again all summer…

#3. Getting a killer sunburn

It happens to the best of us.

#4. But at least you still look FABULOUS

All those gym classes paid off and everyone knows it.

#5. Every day is an opportunity to day drink

You’re on holiday, you deserve a glass (or two) of rosé at 11am!

#6. Spray tans are life

You thought “working on your tan” meant a real tan? Honey, please.

#7. Having a summer fling

You both know it’ll never last, but they’re as hot as this weather so why not?

#8. Inviting yourself over to your mate’s place because they have air con

It practically becomes your second home during summer.

#9. Checking your bank account

That tragic moment when you realise you can’t afford to be on holiday forever.

#10. And finally, realising summer is almost over

Shed a tear for the end of the best season of the year.

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