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17 Times The Men Of Reddit Truly Proved They Were The Assholes

Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole?’ page is one of those addictive sites you can hit up numerous times a week, that can leave you feeling better about yourself because of the absolutely wild actions of other people.

It goes without saying that if something happens in your life with a partner, friend, parent, sibling, or workmate that makes you question if you’re being an asshole, then nine times out of 10 you probably are. But if you ever needed to check yourself, the good people of Reddit are there to assess your problem and judge accordingly.

There are all sorts of life issues people are questioning, but the ones that get real juicy are relationship ones. And even though it’s 2020, there are some truly baffling men out there in the world trying to assert their dominance or power in their relationships, while inevitably questioning if they are actually a huge dickhead.

I know, I know, “not all men” etc. I don’t care, you’re crying to the wrong girl. If your ego is too fragile to understand these threads are great for some basic education on how to treat other people, then you know how to see yourself out. For those who want to have an eye-roll, whole body cringe, or even a snort of derision, let’s proceed.

Here are just a few men on Reddit struggling with the concept of whether they are the asshole or not.

1. This douche who deleted his girlfriend’s Instagram.

2. This guy who just kept digging.

3. This bro who won’t get married because of some mismatched socks.

4. This guy who doesn’t realise not everything has to be a criticism or competition.

5. This guy who made a big mistake. Huge!

6. This husband who should be served divorce papers immediately.

7. This boyfriend who has some underlying issues going on.

8. This extremely unsupportive and not-so-secretly jealous boyfriend.

9. This guy who should truly reassess… everything.

10. This bro who needs to chill tf out.

11. This guy who should be left for good in favour of the jumpsuit.

12. This man who actually decided to make his pregnant girlfriend sleep in the lounge. Why are you even asking the question?!

13. This champ who sounds like he’d suck the life out of any party.

14. This guy who couldn’t even try to be reasonable.

15. This dude who clearly does not get it at all.

16. This stingy bitch.

17. And this absolute psycho.