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People Are Arguing Over Whether Sausage Rolls Are Better Than Meat Pies

There’s no denying that the meat pie is a true blue Aussie food staple but have we all been sleeping on sausage rolls?

Over on Reddit via r/Australia, a thread started by @pihkaltih titled ‘Unpopular Opinion: Sausage Rolls are better than Pies’ has made a convincing argument, declaring:

“They’re just better. They taste better, they’re far easier to eat, the pastry is better in every way, they don’t have a 90% chance of burning the ever living fuck out of your mouth like biting into a Pie does.

“The Sausage Roll is superior to the pie and I make no apologies for that.”

The post has garnered over 10k upvotes so clearly it’s an opinion that’s supported by many more. But in the comments a lot of people are disagreeing with the post’s sentiments.

Reddit user @toobreeki noted, “Look, this isn’t an easy topic to cover, what kind of pies are you talking about? If it’s just a regular beef, or maybe a beef and burgundy, yeah, I’d agree, but the world of pies is vast, mate.”

“Fken oath. The best sausage roll is not better than the best pie,” @filfy_toad argued.  Another user, @rezplzk said, “If you have ever had a real pie, with real pastry & nice cuts of meat you would take all this back!”

On the other side of the war, the pro-sausage roll faction hit back. “A bad sausage roll is not NEARLY as bad as a bad pie tho….” wrote @redboy1402. While @broomfondl3 made a damn good point, commenting that sausage rolls are “easier to hold and you don’t end up with half of it on the front of your shirt.”

We here at Punkee started our own poll posing the same question and it turns out, so far, sausage rolls reign supreme. I am pleasantly surprised.

Either way, who would have thought this kind of debate could get so many people fired up. “Pretty sure the majority of Australia is more passionate about this than politics,” wrote @bluemnm001. They’re not wrong.

In the meantime, I’m now starving and I’m off to demolish a sausage roll and a choccy milk.