These Hilarious Tweets About Working In Hospo Over Christmas Are Way Too Real

Ever wonder why retail workers complain so effing much?

They have set hours, set policies, and don’t have to deal with a dude throwing a fit about his coffee temp.

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I’m sorry, but if you’re b*tching about retail then you probably wouldn’t last one day in hospo. The customers are crazier, they complain about sh*t you never even knew existed, you never finish on time, and all those days that the public get off? Yep, you gotta work them.

Christmas is everything you hate about hospitality but on drugs. It’s the time of year when groups come together to try and ruin your life. They’ve suddenly got more balls, like things done ten different ways, and don’t even get me STARTED on split bills.

So whether you have to work Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, just know that you’re not alone – I too will be right there with you.

Here are the most relatable tweets about working in hospitality this Christmas:

1. On working fk’d up hours

2. On never having a single weekend off

3. On dealing with customers who get pissed at the dumbest sh*t

4. On wasting precious seconds of your life on slow customers

5. On never finishing up on time because people turn up last minute

6. On losing stationery

7. On hearing about people’s life events, when you don’t give a sh*t

8. On regretting taking up more shifts

9. On customers saying stupid things

10. On having to work Christmas Day

11. On crying 99% of the time

12. And of course, when customers ask to split the bill