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Here Are The Current Relationship Statuses Of Every ‘Love Island’ Couple

It’s been over a month since Love Island wrapped up, the islanders went home and since the villa was thoroughly sanitised (we assume). So how many couples lasted the distance? We’re actually pleasantly surprised.

It’s hard to believe it but Love Island has a better track record than Married at First Sight and we should all feel great shame.

While the winning couple, Tayla and Grant’s relationship was short-lived, it turns out that most of the other couples are still together. I guess spending six weeks pashing strangers in a Spanish villa can translate to true love.

I need to reassess my dating strategy.

Here are the current relationship statuses of the Love Island couples:

Tayla & Grant

Status: Broken Up

We all know this story by now. Our 2018 winners split up a bit over a week after taking home the $50k. Initially, Grant tried to win Tayla back but has since reconciled with the same girlfriend he started with before entering the show.

*bangs head against desk forever*

Erin & Eden

Status: In A Relationship

It appears to be smooth sailing for the second-placed pair. There’s plenty of cutesy posts about each other on their respective ‘grams as they continue to be the smuggest couple on earth.

Could this girl get any hotter 🔥😍

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Shelby & Dom

Status: Broken Up

Shocker! Were they ever really in a relationship in the first place? Who knows. But over the weekend both parties felt the urge to confirm that they were no longer together.

While Shelby says it ended amicably, explaining that they live in different states, her singlet top seems to be saying something different. Oh, the shade of it all.

REAL TALK: So everyone has been blowing up about Cass & Dom and how it’s inappropriate. Firstly – Cass is one of my best friends and despite everything that happened on the show, is a genuine good chick who does not have a bad bone in her body. Secondly – Dom is an amazing guy and we do share such a great connection – I trust him with my life ❤️! I do appreciate everyone being so kind and all of the messages – but please know that Dom & I are no longer together, nor were we ever “official”. We were purely just seeing how things went outside the villa. We still talk every day.. but him living in Sydney and me living on the Gold Coast just isn’t working with our busy lives at the moment. We honestly wish the best for each other and who knows what will happen in the future! Thanks to everyone who supported us – we love you guys ❤️ #DomShell #Delby

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Millie & Mark

Status: In A Relationship

This one is a bit more unexpected. Millie and Mark knew each other for around two minutes in the villa, and even though they left together we hardly expected things to work out.

But NOPE. They’re together and even made it official with this totally understated posts below. Err.. good luck to them?

So happy to now call you my girlfriend ❤️😘 @millie1993

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Amelia & Josh

Status: In A Relationship

We didn’t have our hopes particularly high when Amelia went to Bali following Love Island, rather than stay with her forever soul mate match Josh.

However, since she returned they’ve posted a bunch of cute pics together, and we’re confident we’ll be getting wedding invitations via email any day now.

Thanks for putting up with us @cosmoaustralia safe to say we had a good night💥

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