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Lydia Is Calling Out Janet For Her “Fat-Shaming” On Real Housewives Of Melbourne

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There’s been plenty of drama in the first half of the new season of Real Housewives of Melbourne but it’s fair to say we’re all done with Janet’s absolutely cooked and unacceptable body-shaming of Lydia.

Thankfully Lydia’s had enough of it too and last night took to her Instagram to call out Janet on her shitty behaviour. Her comments were inspired by yesterday’s ep which saw her getting a spray tan while Janet made body-shaming comments privately to the camera behind her back, saying:

“A tan will really enhance the way that Lydia looks, because a tan will really slim her arms down, her legs down, just to the eye. Instant diet.”

Following the episode, Lydia posted the video of Janet commenting on her body with comments accusing Janet of “fat-shaming” her.

The full post reads:

“#fatshaming is not accepted! @janetroachhw #imnotfat •• this says more about you than it will ever say about me.

“The effects of fat shaming are real and stigmatisation should be avoided. No one should be made to feel so bad about themselves.

“I’m full-figured and proud of it! Strong is the new skinny!”

It gets worse. Earlier in the episode, Sally told Janet and Jackie that she’s invited all the girls to a party. On the back of this news, Janet gave this weird AF response:

“Have you got enough room in there for Lyds (Lydia) because she’s a largish girl ‘cos it’s a smallish place?”

As the other girls looked on, visibly shocked by her comments, she added, “Just asking! Just asking!”.

The ladies laughed it off but it’s fair to say that we reckon it’s fucking rank.

Janet later continued chatting about Lydia in a private segment saying, “she’s just getting larger and larger,” while mocking Lydia’s body shape. Nasty stuff.

Viewers are less than impressed with Janet’s body-shaming statements and took to twitter to pull her up on it.

To back it all up, the fans are sending their love to Lydia and we’re 100% here for it:

You’re perfect just as you are!