Riverdale Fans Are Shook By This Week’s Dark Betty ‘Performance’ Because WTF Guys

This week on Riverdale, things got weird. Weirder than usual. It feels like the writers were going a little off the rails when they thought up this ‘snake dance’ scene and no one can handle it.

While I am admittedly a huge fan of both Riverdale and public displays of female sexuality, Betty stripping down and pole dancing while singing ‘Mad World’ was just a blatantly inappropriate position to put her in considering in context.

Overall, fans are not here for the snake dance scene. Something about a teen girl stripping down to lingerie and giving a pole dance performance at her boyfriend’s dad’s retirement party in a bar full of middle-aged gang members as a hazing ritual so that she can hang with the gang just isn’t sitting right with the audience. Who could have seen this coming?

Here it is if you haven’t already seen it:

People are roasting the Dark Betty snake dance on Twitter and I think we can all agree that this scene was hard to watch but also, impossible to look away from. Basically sums up the entire show tbh.

First up, Betty accepting the Serpent ritual like it ain’t no thing.

To be fair Betty is probably just so sick of wearing pink sweaters and ponytails, she jumped straight onto the chance to own her sexuality. Her keenness perhaps blindsided her to the fact that it wasn’t the time or place for that kinda content tho.

Something about it just doesn’t feel right, does it?

FYI, Lily Reinhart is 21.

Cringe factor was too real.

When her mum came in oh god.

We just have so many questions about this scene??

Riverdale is weird, but this is just too weird.

It’s both wrong and weird.

For the record, the dance is hot, and while I’m a little confused by the weirdly morose vibes the whole thing is giving off, I’m here for women embracing their sexuality and pole dancing if they wanna. But Betty was essentially coerced into this ‘snake dance’ ritual for the pleasure of the Serpent gang members. So it’s not exactly screaming ’empowerment’.

Do better next time Riverdale, we are rooting for you but you are making it bloody hard.

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