Rob Mills Reveals He Had More Than ‘One Night in Paris’

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Rob Mills has said he wants everyone to stop asking about his one night in Paris – but he can’t seem to stop talking about his ‘touchdown’!

Mark Holden Touch Down


A few months back, Millsy told the Herald Sun that he was annoyed by the constant questions about his fling with Paris Hilton back in 2003. He insisted:

“I find it a little offensive for me, offensive for my girlfriend and offensive for Paris even… I want to get on with my life,” 

But it seems Millsy just can’t help himself, revealing new details about his time with the heiress in an interview with Em Rusciano for her podcast, Deeply Shallow.

Rob Millsy Mills

What a heart-throb.

According to Rob, it all began when he met Paris at an Australian Idol after party and bought her a drink.

“Then we go back to her hotel and things start getting pretty handsy. She’s like ‘I’m not going to sleep with you’. So we did pretty much everything but sex and then caught up at the races. [We] later bonked.”

Millsy even admits that it was more than just a one night hook-up, with the pair spending a lot of time together over the following weeks while Paris was in Australia.

They even briefly reunited when Paris was back in the country the next year.

“I took her in the ’88 Camry Wagon out to Box Hill where I was living at the time. I took her to my stepmum’s house.”

But Rob says he ended things soon after that as he had grown bored of her.

“She’s not that interesting. I was growing up. “

Rob also revealed that it’s not just Paris he’s hooked up with, saying he has kissed several guys.

“[I’m] just a little bit gay…  I’ve never denied any rumours. [I’ve] pashed a few blokes. I wouldn’t say I’m bisexual, I just love people.”

Keep the confessions coming, Millsy!

You can download the full podcast here

And for old time’s sake, here’s a Millsy classic:

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