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‘The Kissing Booth’ Has Stolen Rom-Com Clichés From Other Movies & Here’s The Proof

One movie that has been getting a lot of attention lately is Netflix’s The Kissing Booth. Largely because it’s just so bad we can’t look away.

I only experienced this movie for the first time yesterday and there is a lot to discuss and dislike. But the worst part is the film’s leading man, Noah, who I guess we’re supposed to enjoy watching.

Not to overstate this, but, he is THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD.

The film’s journey follows Elle as she falls for Noah – who, yes, is v hot and dreamy (and Aussie).

He also just happens to be a truly awful person, controls Elle and treats her horribly for most of the film and has the communication skills of a grumpy gorilla.

Oh, and he says things like this:

And this:

What a delightful gentleman.

Noah is basically one of the worst characters ever written. But that fact aside, the entire movie is just completely unoriginal. It borrows sooo heavily from other films that I’m actually impressed.

So to prove this, we have specifically shown which romance clichés the film steals and listed the specifics. You’re welcome.

Here Are 5 Rom-Com Clichés The Kissing Booth Has Stolen From Other Movies:

She’s The Man

Sure, the scene when Noah and Elle have their first kiss at the kissing booth is cute.

However, what modern movie made the idea of kissing booths a total game-changer?

Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum in She’s The Man did it first AND best.

The Sound of Music

When Elle and Noah try to escape the rain, they run into an errr… random greenhouse.

This is literally the EXACT same setup where Liesl and Rolf have their first kiss in The Sound of Music.

It’s the romance cliché to end all romance clichés.

Mean Girls

This isn’t so much of a romantic cliche, as it is just teen movie trope. In The Kissing Booth Elle introduces us to the ‘OMG Girls’.

Three hot popular girls with a nickname that demand to sit on their own table in the lunchroom? Sound suspiciously like The Plastics.

The Notebook

Between all the damn summertime montages, not to mention the leading dude’s name being Noah, how can we not make this connection?!

It feels like blasphemy to put these two films in the category. I need to shower.

10 Things I Hate About You

Misfit girl that usually doesn’t go to parties, gets drunk and dances on the table top as men ogle her.

Where have we seen this before?

Oh yeah, Kat already did it in 10 Things I Hate About You. They were both saved by handsome dudes too.

That unnecessary paint fight scene was also suspiciously sampling 10 Things as inspo.

All in all this film is an actual trashfire…that I’m probably going to watch another 50 times.