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Just Hear Me Out: Ross Is The Best Character On ‘Friends’

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Nothing will divide a friendship group like the subject of what people think of Friends character Ross Geller.

It has become the dominant opinion that Ross is Friends’ worst character, so much so that the name Ross Geller has become synonymous with anything bad in this cruel world.

The hate against Ross has become truly savage.

I’m here to say I’m sorry, but no. Ross is the best character on Friends and you will not change my mind but I’m here to change yours.

I am not saying he’s the most likeable character, I wholeheartedly agree he can be problematic, and does and says, at times, some very shitty things.

But he’s still the best character.

Just think about this. If we removed Ross from the series, would it be the same? Absolutely not. Ross holds the whole show together. Let me break it down. Ross and Monica are siblings. Chandler and Joey only met the other three women through Ross, therefore, Chandler and Monica (the series’ GOAT couple) would never have gotten together and married without Ross in the equation.

Then there’s Ross and Rachael, who formed the ‘would they/won’t they?’ romance that kept us all hooked throughout the entire series. Ross’ relationships carry the weight of the whole damn show.

It always comes back to Ross but there are countless reasons you should be ‘Team Ross’, like me.

Here is why Ross is actually the best character on Friends:

His Scenes Are The Funniest

I understand that characters like Chandler and Phoebe are very funny. But when it comes to laugh out loud moments, all the best scenes revolve around ol’ mate Ross.

Exhibit A: ‘I’m fine.’

Exhibit B: ‘PIVOT!!!’

Exhibit C: Ross’ Leather Pants

Exhibit D: ‘MY SANDWICH!!’

Exhibit E: Ross’ Tan

Why didn’t he count Mississippilessly?

Exhibit F: ‘The Routine’

This dance is never not funny.

Ross’ Storylines Had The Highest Stakes

The most iconic moments and major milestones in the show have all been driven by Ross. That’s just a fact.

Who could forget when Rachael and Ross finally get together after she watches their prom video? The whole group sees Ross get ready to take Rachael to prom, only for her to leave with a different dude. Rachael and Ross then kiss and he’s her lobster.

Relive it all and try not to cry:

Then the next biggest moment of the series was when Ross is marrying Emily and gets her name wrong. This was the biggest game-changer ever.

It still gives me goosebumps:

Finally, there are those five words that will forever be associated with cheating:


FYI, if you rewatch that episode, you’ll see they most certainly WERE on a break, but still, Ross moved on pretty damn fast.

He’s Technically The Lead Character

All you Ross haters, listen up. Someone named Yashu Seth analysed the series to determine who was the main character based on the character’s number of lines, mentions of their names and screen time.

He posted his findings on his website and through analysing hours of data, Yashu discovered a surprising result: the winner was Ross. Ross is the main character on Friends.

You can’t argue with science, fam.

Ross Geller, ILY forever.