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We Asked Russell Coight How To Survive A Music Fest & Were Not Disappointed

One great thing about 2018 was that Russell Coight returned to our TVs last year in All Aussie Adventures. 

Not much had changed…

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement over the Aussie icon once again blessing us with his vast knowledge of all things Outback. And with music festival season well and truly upon us, we asked Russell to help us out with his tips on surviving the most harrowing of Aussie environments.

Here are Russ’ tips for surviving a music fest:

Keep your swag about you

“If you’re planning to sleep out at a festival my main advice is to make sure your swag is firmly zipped. Last thing you want is to wake up and find you’ve had a ‘visitor’ overnight, whether it’s a snake, spider or drummer from one of the lesser-known bands.”

Stay hydrated

“If you run out of water, you can improvise. Over the years I’ve drunk radiator fluid, wallaby blood, my own urine. I draw the line at kombucha.”

Road trip tunes are essential

“On a long trip bring some decent music. I like pressing ‘shuffle’ on one of my early CD’s. You then never know whether you’re going to get a classic like “I’ve Been Hurt in the Red Dirt” (which charted briefly on the Rockhampton Hot 100) or a power ballad such as “There’s Room in this Swag For Two” (very popular at bush weddings).”

Be prepared

“I believe what a lot of festival goers do is called “pre-loading”. Let’s say your festival kicks off on a Friday night, then you start drinking the previous July.”

But don’t get too loose off Little Fat Lamb

“Never go skinny dipping in the bush. I tried it once and it was a big mistake. Various animals saw a certain part of my anatomy as a threat and attacked.”

Stay alert

“Speaking from personal experience – never pick a fight with a police sniffer dog.”

And surviving off cheap booze, hot chips and dagwood dogs is Russell Coight approved

“There’s nothing wrong with that diet. My father, Russell Coight Senior, lived his entire life on beer, sausage rolls and cigarettes. And he lived well into his 40’s.”

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