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Ryan From ‘Married At First Sight’ Was Catfished & The Story Is A Real Rollercoaster

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Spare a thought for Married at First Sight’s Ryan Gallagher today, who just revealed he’s been duped by a catfish on a dating app. Reality TV celebrities, they’re just like us!

Ryan uploaded a series of Instagram stories overnight and it made for quite the rollercoaster. “I’ve been talking to a girl on Tinder for the past two months. I’m now 99% sure that she’s catfished me. It’s not the real girl in the photo, which is quite funny. You can laugh, it’s fine,” he began.

“I just want to know if anyone knows the person in the photo, the real girl. She’s quite pretty, so if you do know her, can you let me know?” the MAFS star asked his 242k followers and posted the photo of the woman.

Ryan then revealed that within three hours, the girl in the photo had contacted Ryan. She heard about his posts from a friend and confirmed the person Ryan had been messaging was a catfish, requesting he report the account. “We found her! It turns out, she’s very happily in a relationship. I did pull the line, ‘Don’t throw it away, we had a great two months together’, but she’s very happy in her relationship, which is an awful shame. Very pretty girl,” Ryan concluded.

Between Davina Rankin’s cheating scandal on MAFS, then splitting with Charlotte Crosby, this guy just can’t catch a break.

Watch Ryan’s catfishing story play out below:


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