Ryan Reynolds Playing Deadpool Playing Bob Ross Is The Best Thing Ever

There is exactly 10 seconds of actual trailer for Deadpool 2 in this 129 second video but tbh this is much much better.

This ‘trailer’ can only really be described as 100 percent cooked. It’s great. Ryan Reynolds dons his Deadpool get up, beneath an impression of art teacher Bob Ross, and proceeds to deliver pretty incoherent and damn spicy instructions on how 2 paint.

If you don’t know Bob Ross, he was an iconic TV character from PBS’s instructional show The Joy of Painting, and he would take the audience along for the ride describing in detail as he painted. It got weird.

Deadpool’s ‘take’ in the video titled ‘Wet on Wet’ shows off some pretty fly painting skills. You will have to see it to believe it.

Between the paint colour names (among them: Yellow Snow, Mennen Black & Red Dit) and the overt sexual overtones, this vid is a good time. Highlights include Reynolds/Deadpool cleaning off his brush like:

“Wack that off real good, jusssst beat it like it owe’s you money”

Golden nuggets of advice like:

“Now what you don’t wanna do, is eat these paints. Trust me on this one”

And other shit like:

“God I love cocaine”

Just your basic Deadpool banter. The masterpiece of a trailer finishes up with some wise words as Reynolds signs out.

Keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs.”

Plz enjoy this trailer for Deadpool 2 that by not being a trailer for Deadpool 2 at all is actually the best trailer for Deadpool 2 we could have hoped for.

Check it out below:

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