WATCH: Creepy Hairy Girl Is Back To Scare Us Shitless In New ‘Rings’ Trailer, Minus Old School VHS

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Following on from 2002 horror flick The Ring  and the sequel, we finally have a taste of the long-awaited third installment, somewhat comically titled Rings… get it, cos there’s more than one.

Today, Paramount Pictures has finally released a trailer and it has scared the shit out of us. The creepy hairy girl is back, but this time she’s tech-savy.

It’s been fourteen years since Samara first haunted us in The Ring, and eleven since the sequel. The trailer reveals that once again a mysterious video is leading its viewers to their deaths, giving them 7 days to live. But it’s no longer an old and dusty VHS doing the rounds, this time the spook-factor has gone digital. Looks like Samara has got herself an email address.

The film stars Aimee TeegardenAlex Roe, Bonnie Morgan, Johnny GaleckiMatilda Lutz and Vincent D’Onofrio.

Rings will be in Australian cinemas from 24 November 2016.

You can check out the trailer below but keep in mind for the next random phone call, maybe just let it go to voicemail.