It’s Your Last Chance To Enter Samsung’s #SubtlySponsoredPost Contest

It’s Your Last Chance To Enter Samsung’s #SubtlySponsoredPost Contest

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If you dream of quitting your day job and channeling your inner influencer, listen up!

You’ve only got a few days left to enter Samsung’s #SubtlySponsoredPost competition. The best five entries will win a Galaxy A70 and bragging rights about their undeniable TikTok stardom.

All you have to do to enter is create a TikTok that’s inspired by Aunty Donna’s obnoxiously catchy #SubtlySponsoredPost video. Hype up the Samsung Galaxy A70 (this will make us smile!) or promote your fail-proof date night outfit, famous grilled cheese recipe, or your cat — your video can be about whatever you want, just make sure it uses part of Aunty Donna’s music video and make it as OTT as possible.

The competition closes on September 22, so get filming, you superstars!

(Lead image: Samsung / Youtube)

Channel your inner influencer and post an OTT #SubtlySponsoredPost on TikTok to win a Samsung Galaxy A70.

Terms and conditions apply.