sausage in bread sanga

Aussies Are Arguing Over What To Call A Sausage In A Piece Of Bread

State lines in Australia are never more evident than when someone brings up their local lingo. Potato cakes or potato scallops? Bathers or swimmers? These seemingly innocent questions can invoke all out war.

This brings me to the latest debate to set the internet ablaze overnight. What do you call this?!

Aussie writer and actor Nakkiah Lui tweeted that she was shook that some people refer to the above food combo as a sausage in bread, when she has always called it a sausage sandwich or sausage sanga.

Now, I need to be transparent here and declare that I am very much biased as I write this. I live in Melbourne and I have always said sausage in bread. I can accept that it’s a boring descriptor but it’s what makes sense to me and I honestly thought it was what everyone ordered at Bunnings.

Some people (mostly from NSW) reckon that it’s not the most inventive way to describe, well…a sausage in bread.

But others reckon that a sausage sandwich doesn’t accurately describe it either.

There were quite a few people who were team sausage sanga on Twitter.

But just as many replies were firmly in the sausage in bread camp.

Even charming radio personality Andy Lee is flying the sausage in bread flag.

I don’t need any more convincing. Please argue among yourselves in the Facebook comments.

Image and header via Instagram.