School accidentally publishes Mean Girls style yearbook


A Dallas High School have been in damage control after the school’s annual yearbook was supposedly hacked, leaving many likening it to a real life version of the infamous ‘Burn Book’ from Mean Girls.

Instead of uplifting, personal quotations underneath their yearbook photos, some students of W.T. White High School had their captions altered which resulted in some pretty humiliating quotes.

Amongst the content was sexual innuendos and hurtful captions that targeted particular students (see below).

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The school’s Prom-Queen and Cerebral Palsy sufferer, Juanita Cedillo’s didn’t take kindly to her caption which was changed to “Want to hear the most annoying noise in the world?”.


“I went in there Monday, thinking, ‘Yay, it’s here. The thing that I’ve been waiting for is here,” Cedillo explained to NBC.



The red-faced school administrators have recalled all copies of the book and issued a statement saying that “Individuals who were responsible will be held accountable.”

Certainly shades of Mean Girls here… Let’s hope they can sort it all out before shit hits the fan like in the movie!

Words by Edward P

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