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10 Things That Make All Aussie Schoolkids Lose Their Shit

We can all agree being an adult sucks sometimes and things felt a whole lot simpler in primary and secondary school.

It was a time when something as simple as Jeans for Genes Day could transform your entire vibe. We’re wearing jeans! At school! What a time to be alive! OK, I had a pretty dull life in my formative years. I’m sorry! Let me live!

But nonetheless, there were a few select events that could really turn your day around so we’ve listed the things that made every school day that little bit brighter.

Here are 10 things that make schoolkids lose their damn minds:

#1. When a substitute teacher walked into the room

Oh, this is going to be fun. Could we convince them that today was movie day? That we usually spend fourth period napping under our desks? This class just turned into an hour of shitz and gigz.

#2. When it’s too rainy for P.E. class

Sure, sometimes this would mean doing some kind of health theory work instead but tbh anything is better than dodgeball or the beep test.

#3. When your mum (or friend’s mum) dropped off food

I will never forget the day my friend’s mum stopped by the school and gave me and my group a Maxibon each, making us the envy of the entire school. I felt like a celebrity.

#4. When it was free clothes (mufti) day

This was a blessing and a curse as it would involve a lot of prep. I’d plan for weeks in advance, your girl’s got to make sure her Adidas trackies are looking fresh to death.

#5. When a dog roamed the school grounds

There’s a dog…IN THE SCHOOL. If that wasn’t enough of a gift, Mr. Bently chasing it around the sports field and the dog thinking it’s a fun new game always made it that much funnier.

#6. When a bird flew into the classroom

This one is sitting slightly above a dog in the school simply because of the chaos it causes. A bird in the classroom is a truly hectic time. Nothing causes more distraction than a damn bird stuck in the room when it can’t manage to manoeuvre its way out.

#7. When someone called the teacher ‘mum’

The embarrassment. The horror. You better think about changing schools because you will NEVER live this down. Should probs change your name too, just to be safe.

#8. When it was swimming carnival day

I am, of course, not talking about competing in the tournaments but sitting with your mates and judging others. The best part? The canteen was always lit. Hit me with a sausage roll, a Vanilla Coke and a rainbow Paddle Pop, Brenda!

#9. When you got to take home the class pet

It’s pretty bizarre that teachers’ actually entrusted primary school kids with such a responsibility but when it was your turn to take home the school pet for the weekend, it felt like Christmas. All you had to do was just make sure that you keep it alive.

#10. And finally, when it was lunch order day

I couldn’t exclude the most blessed day from this list. I was lucky enough to be given money for a lunch order every Wednesday and it was the highlight of the week. My Wednesdays now feel empty and meaningless.

Honestly, send me back to school. Life was so much simpler then.