Score Tickets To Amy Schumer’s Hilarious New Movie ‘I Feel Pretty’ Right Here

Calling all fans of Amy Schumer and/or free things!!! Now is your time to shine.

Amy Schumer’s new movie I Feel Pretty is about to hit cinemas and we honestly can’t wait ‘cause it promises to be one of the best female-driven comedies we’ve ever seen on the big screen.

The film is a hilarious journey that’s basically going to make you laugh til it hurts. In the lead role of lovable and relatable character Renee Barrett, Amy hits her head in a spin class accident (yet another reason to avoid spin classes) and wakes up with a sudden lack of body insecurity.

She then proceeds to live her best life, filled with newfound confidence, believing she’s damnnnnnn fine and it looks like a damn fun way to live, tbh. If only it were that easy, I’d smash my head on a stationary bike ASAP.

And the feel-good film even has a whole host of our fave females on the cast too, with Emily Ratajkowski, Michelle Williams and even appearances from Naomi Campbell and Lauren Hutton. Amy Schumer’s 2015 movie Trainwreck was undeniably good content so we’re 100% excited to see what she’s cooked up this time.

We’re slinging free tickets to some lucky takers in Melbourne and Sydney. Enter here and get around it so you can sit back, relax, unbutton those jeans, mix those Maltesers with that popcorn, and watch the film, all on us.

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