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A Season MVP Just Got Booted From ‘Survivor’ Tonight & Fans Are Livid

It looks like all our Survivor Australia faves are dropping like flies. Tonight the series’ assumed winner Luke got booted and let’s face it, at this rate Tara is probz going to win this whole thing. Accept it.

With AK, Henry, Tessa then Sarah voted out over the last few tribal councils, many fans expected Luke to have this whole game in the bag. Superfans even noted Luke had been given the ‘winner’s edit’.

It’s true. He has featured prominently in the past few weeks, as viewers were shown a lot more of Luke’s background and fam life than the other players. Turns out it was all for nothing. Such is life/frustrating reality TV.

But alas, ANOTHER blind-side led to Locky turning the group against Luke. The series will be rounded out by leftovers, as Michelle, Tara, Peter, Jericho, Ziggy and Locky face-off in the finals. While the jury is LIT with amazing players.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about Luke’s solemn departure:

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