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The Internet Is Obsessed And A Little Bit Confused With Netflix’s New Doco ‘Seaspiracy’

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Netflix’s newest documentary Seaspiracy has taken the Internet by storm.

Created by British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi, this documentary tackles the negative impact of commercial fishing, covering microplastics to overfishing and everything in between.

Ultimately, the powerful documentary has divided Twitter, with the Netflix original receiving both praise and criticism from all corners of the Internet. Let’s get into what everyone is saying. 

People Criticised The Documentary’s Title

First and foremost there was criticism of the name. And look, I’ll be real with you all, I wholeheartedly agree. 

People Loved The Film’s Message

By the end of the documentary, the message is quite clear: In order to keep ourselves alive, we need to keep the ocean alive. And in order to keep our ocean alive, we need to stop eating fish. As a result, much of the Internet vowed to stop eating fish. 

And you know, there were some that promised to stop eating fish once they had gone through what was already in their fridge.

But, Some People Didn’t Know If They Could Commit To That…

And look, I don’t blame them. It was interesting timing for Netflix to drop a documentary about overfishing on the weekend when many people were eating and ordering fish exclusively. Coincidence? I think not. 

Viewers Vowed To Spread The Word Of Microplastics

In the documentary, Ali takes us through just how much plastic is in the ocean. As a result, people made some memes about our bad recycling habits, ultimately getting the word out there. 

There Was Also Frustration Over Societal Misdirections 

In addition to the microplastics information, a lot of the Internet was concerned by the fact that all this information was only being learned now, through this documentary.

There was general anger over all the focus that had been previously been placed on plastic straws when there were clearly other factors that also needed attention.

But, with all of this praise for the documentary and its message came criticism.

Let’s Get Into The Seaspiracy Criticism

Criticism Of Ali Tabrizi

Throughout Seaspiracy, the viewer goes along with Ali as he uncovers all of this information about the ocean. And as a result, there were some Twitter users that were shocked as to how much common sense information was being shared throughout the film. 

There Was Also Criticism Of The Proposed Solution

The documentary covers everything from slave labour and human rights abuses to the issues with sustainable fishing and yet the moral of the story was that we should stop eating fish. As you can imagine, people took issue with this simplistic resolution.

And Perhaps, Most Notably, There Was Criticism Over The ‘Facts’ 

The biggest and most widespread criticism over Seaspiracy has to do with the way the documentary presented some of its facts. Since the film came out last week, there have been a number of articles and responses by scientists and organisations reacting to the misinformation presented in the documentary. 

What are your thoughts on Seaspiracy?