Khloe Kardashian Posted NSFW Pics Of Chloe Grace Moretz After She Commented On T-Swift & Kim K Beef

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Kim Kardashian might be the hero from today’s revelation that Taylor Swift gave approval for Kanye West’s lyrics, but it looks like Khloe Kardashian is the villain.

While she’s arguably ‘realest’ Kardashian and rarely puts a foot wrong, Khloe posted a pretty gross image to twitter to make her point heard today.

This all came about after Kim ‘exposed’ Taylor Swift on Snapchat, leading to actress Chloe Grace Moretz – who had previously fought with Kim over her naked selfie – seemingly addressing the issue on her Twitter account.

Khloe Kardashian invited herself into the discussion, replying to Moretz’s tweets with a lewd picture of the actress on the set of Neighbours 2, with Khloe’s comment accompanying the images asking Moretz:

“Is this the a hole you’re referring to?”

Here is a censored version of the tweet (which surprisingly still remains up. Nice one Twitter):


Via Twitter


Pretty classy stuff, Khlo. Considering Moretz is only 19, it’s pretty fucking disgusting.

Ignoring the malicious nature of Khloe’s tweet, Moretz responded well by pointing out that Khloe has her facts wrong and that the second photo is not her and is another girl who was wrongfully photographed.

Moretz even posted images of herself on the set of Neighbours 2, showing in the images she is wearing blue bikini bottoms and not red like the girl in the second photo.

Fans of the actress are predictably not pleased. Among the support Moretz has received, our own Ruby Rose has tweeted her disgust at Khloe’s behaviour:

Swift’s BFF Selena Gomez also tweeted similar sentiments to Moretz, appearing to be backing her bestie and discrediting Kim’s story.

Team Tay or Team Dash? It’s a tough world out there.