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After Five Seasons, ‘Selling Sunset’ Fans Are Starting To Turn On Christine

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Christine Quinn’s evolution from villain to hero throughout her Selling Sunset journey has been something special to witness.

Introduced as an elusive, brutally honest diva — the antithesis to Chrishell Stause’s down-to-earth, sweet natured Southern belle character — Christine found a massive following for basically being the villain who everyone rooted for.

From the first episode, it was clear that Chrishell was the intended hero of the show: she was sweet-natured, came from humble beginnings, arrived with a Hollywood hunk of a husband, and she was a talented realtor. However, Chrishell’s do-gooder (and often self-righteous) nature didn’t make her all that relatable, or entertaining — unlike Christine, who became known for her clever quips and savage takedowns.

Every season, the Selling Sunset fandom fell into two camps: those who were pro-Chrishell or pro-Christine. This was a natural reaction as Christine and Chrishell clashed constantly throughout the series. And while Chrishell found a loyal following, by the time Season 2 dropped and the show has skyrocketed in popularity on Netflix,  Christine has established herself as an icon.

At the same time within The Oppenheim Group, Christine has become estranged from most of the women, who had grown tired of the shady things she shared about them to the media. And now with Selling Sunset having just dropped its fifth season, even the ladies who had aligned with Christine in past seasons — Heather, Davina, Maya, and Vanessa — have since turned on her.

This has left some fans wondering: was Christine actually the villain all along? Unlike the Twitter reactions in previous years, there’s not as many people blindly defending Christine in 2022.

For one thing, Christine’s treatment of Heather this season just didn’t make a lot of sense. She said she was hurt when Heather didn’t invite her to her bridal shower, sending her an attention-stealing bouquet at the event in an effort to extend an olive branch. But then when she had the opportunity to actually mend her friendship with Heather by meeting up with her former bestie, she arrived almost an hour late and showed zero remorse.

When Heather was understandably angry at her tardy arrival, Christine told her to “chill”. She cited a health emergency, but a text message would have gone a long way. Besides new girl Chelsie, Christine doesn’t have a lot of friends at this stage. Heather was open to mending her friendship with her, yet Christine’s diva antics prevented this from happening.

Another friendship Christine showed little regard for was Mary, who she brushed off over lunch. Mary met with Christine to discuss how to improve their awkward working environment and she brought up something Christine had said to the press. She told People that she only had a “surface level” friendship with Mary, which came as a stark contrast to how Christine described Mary as one of her best friends in Season 1.

In response, Christine doubled down on her statement, extinguishing any chance of the two getting their friendship back on track. Christine was understandably hurt from the breakdown of friendship with Mary, which has been further galvanised by Mary’s blossoming friendship with Chrishell, but she doesn’t help herself with how defensive and dismissive she comes across.

Then of course there’s Chrishell. Both ladies have exchanged nasty words throughout their time on the reality show. Christine wasn’t exactly welcoming when Chrishell joined the agency, but she had a reason to be so bristly: Chrishell had made some mildly shady remarks about Christine’s then-bestie Mary and her then-fiancé Romain.

To be fair, what Chrishell actually said was blown out of proportion by Davina, but it seemingly marked the beginning of Christine’s vendetta against Chrishell.

From Season 2, there was no love lost between the two. Word had gotten out that in the break between seasons, Christine threw a party with one of her cocktails titled “Chrishell’s Two-Face Tonic”.  By Season 3, their feud has reached fever pitch when Christine spoke to the media about Chrishell’s divorce while the former actress was dealing with her mother’s death.

“I just learned Christine is giving press ‘information’ about my divorce,” Chrishell tweeted at the time. “Let me be VERY clear. She knows absolutely nothing about the situation and is obviously desperate to gain attention by doing so.”

Chrishell added that she found it “so frustrating and unfortunate that someone would use someone’s personal painful situation to get press for themselves.”

In the seasons since Chrishell’s divorce, her relationship with Christine has become antagonistic with each party always throwing barbs at the other. Season 4’s drama was eclipsed by Christine having a baby, which takes us to the current season where Christine has made her most controversial move yet: she said that Chrishell was only getting listings because she was sleeping with her boss, Jason, referring to couple making their debut on social media.

The season ended with a wild allegation being made against Christine: a client claimed Christine attempted to bribe him to drop Christine’s longtime nemesis, Emma, as his broker and sign on with Christine instead.

If this is true then Christine is no longer an anti-hero, she’s a fully-fledged villain.

Christine on Season 1 was beloved for being a boss bitch: she was a skilled realtor at the top of her game, and we couldn’t help but want the best for her. Christine in Season 5 has shown zero personal growth, her career is seemingly flailing, and she shirks accountability for her past bad behaviour.

If Christine remains on Selling Sunset, here’s hoping she can take some steps to right her wrongs.