It’s Time To Admit That Maya Is The Real Villain In ‘Selling Sunset’

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In the first few seasons of Selling Sunset, Davina Potratz was the clear villain — and in Season 4, you could argue that Christine Quinn took that crown with how she basically had all the Oppenheim Group ladies going up against her.

But I’m here to tell you that Maya Vander has actually been the hidden villain all along. Yes. Loveable, chill, and always-pregnant Maya, who I even ranked as the least-evil Selling Sunset agent last year.

However, in Season 4 things have changed. Maya is no longer the woman who only gets involved when she needs to. She is actually at the root of every drama — and before you yell at me for bashing everyone’s favourite, please hear me out.

First, I must give props where props are due. Maya is undoubtably an icon. In a room full of people blinded by money, famous names, designer brands and flashy cars, Maya simply wants to sell houses and have a heap of babies, which is admirable.

Maya is also great at calling the ladies at the Oppenheim Group out on their shit when it needs to be done. I mean, this season alone she slyly called out the pretentiousness of Mary Fitzgerald and Jason Oppenheim throwing their dogs a lavish party by asking “Which one is the dog food and which one is the human food?”.

Maya also humbled Season 4 newcomer Emma Hernan, who tried to brag about only flying around on private jets because it’s supposedly “easier”, with six simple words: “I fly economy ’cause it’s cheaper!”

Maya Is A Messy Bitch Who Lives For Drama

But Maya’s sass, and ability to blame her “misunderstandings” on the cultural and language barriers, helps to overshadow her truly messy ways.

Throughout Selling Sunset, Davina and Christine are always made out to be the villains of the show because they’re so “honest and direct” with how they come for people. However, Maya is actually the same yet the reason no one ever really comments on Maya’s messiness is because she’s so calculated about it all.

If you really think about it, Maya is actually the biggest shit-stirrer of all.

Maya often uses the fact that all the girls in the Oppenheim Group think she’s chill and drama-free to stir the pot as much as possible. But in reality, she’s involved every time there’s drama in the office and is usually the one asking for information to immediately take to the other side.

And then when she’s done meddling, Maya announces she’s pregnant again and jets back off to Miami. Which, again, is actually pretty iconic.

For four seasons of Selling Sunset, Maya has somehow gotten away with her shady ways. But viewers are finally starting to see that the Miami-based realtor is not as unproblematic and innocent as we first assumed she was in the earlier seasons.

If you watch closely, you’ll notice that Maya has always played both sides. And while Christine and Davina may be the ones to start drama in the office, Maya is the one who always makes sure that it continues for as long as possible by taking information from each side and sharing it across over and over and over again.

But for some reason, everything Maya says is brushed off as a joke by the Oppenheim realtors and no one is ever mad with her. Weirdly that also includes Christine, who loves to bang on about the importance of loyalty but fails to notice Maya constantly talking behind her back and just agreeing with the views of whatever side she’s with at that very moment.

Think about it: Imagine if Chrishell was Christine’s friend and had been the one to go around and tell everyone that Christine was lying about her apparent “engagement” to her shared mystery ex with Emma? We simply would have never heard the end of it.

Really no matter how many times she instigates drama in the Oppenheim office — and then likes to pretend that the office is simply too catty for her liking — Maya always gets off unscathed.

For example, Maya LOVES to ask people if they were invited to parties that she knows damn well they weren’t, i.e. Davina and Christine and the dog party this season.

Then there’s Maya trying to make Chrishell Stause feel bad for not wanting to welcome Davina back to Oppenheim with open arms. Despite not being in LA enough to witness the truly horrendous ways Davina has treated Chrishell over the years, Maya continued to tell Chrishell that Davina should be allowed back because “she’s nice to me”.

A truly odd statement for Maya to make considering that she’s fully aware of the divorce drama that led to the pair’s big blowup.

But to be honest, there’s one reason why we all still love Maya despite how messy she is and it’s the fact that she never really takes a side because she truly couldn’t give less of a fuck.

Maya loves drama, but never takes it seriously. Instead, she lights the match, throws it into the ring, and then sits back like the rest of us and enjoys watching the drama unfold from afar. And for Maya, that afar is Miami. Iconic, honestly.


You can stream Seasons 1 – 4 of Selling Sunset on Netflix now.