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15 Relatable Memes About ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 5

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Get ready to feel inadequate about what you wear to work every day because our favourite overdressed realtors are back for a new Selling Sunset season.

Fans have been spoilt, with Season 5 quickly following on from the fourth season which only dropped in November. Like last season, the latest episodes were dominated by Christine feuding with, well… practically all the women. And like producers did in Season 5 with Vanessa, the show has recruited a new lady to befriend Christine this season: Londoner Chelsea.

Chelsea is a breath of fresh air: her fashion choices are flawless, she seems kind but also takes zero shit, she has a charming British accent, and tbh, it’s nice to include a woman of colour in an agency dominated by blonde, white women.

Christine and Chelsea immediately bond over their love of making money and spending it. It’s unclear at this stage if the series will recruit a new cast member every season just so Christine has someone to do scenes with.

One thing that has changed is that Chrishell is dating someone new — and by someone new, we mean someone old. Chrishell is now in a relationship with her boss, Jason, with the two starting the season enjoying a couples’ holiday in Greece with Brett and his partner, as well as Mary and Romain.

Speaking of Mary, she’s copped a promotion and is now Vice President at The Oppenheim Group, putting even more pressure on her on/off friendship with broker, Christine, who looks set to depart the agency in the season’s cliffhanger conclusion.

Chrishell and Jason ended the season broken up, deciding to part ways after Jason came to the realisation he didn’t want kids while Chrishell longed to become a mother. Chrishell cast doubt over whether she will remain at the brokerage next season, as she was worried she couldn’t work with her ex anymore.

Between Christine and Chrishell both possibly leaving The Oppenheim Group, there’s so much uncertainty! Thankfully, one thing we can rely on is the funny people of Twitter making perfect memes about the latest season.

15 relatable memes about Season 5 of Selling Sunset:
















Every season of Selling Sunset can be streamed on Netflix.