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15 Times Sex & The City’s Carrie Bradshaw Was A Messy Bitch That Lived For Drama

As we celebrate Sex and the City gracing our TV screens for the first time 20 years ago this week, we’ve decided to look back at its leading lady and her rather messy behaviour.

Carrie Bradshaw is a hugely iconic role but she is also the perfect embodiment of that messy bitch who lives for drama. Even Carrie’s mates Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha got sick of her shit from time to time.

She spent way too much time obsessing over Big and ignoring the very real things happening in her friends’ lives, all while whinging about her living situation despite making enough money from one column a week to pay rent in New York City.

Never forget. Carrie was a mess.

Here are 15 times Carrie was a messy bitch that lived for drama:

1. How can a writer not understand how emails work?!?

2. She was always being sooo dramatic.

3. Remember when Carrie compared her laptop crashing to Miranda’s mum dying? Yes, really.

4. Oh, and she compared dating men to drug abuse.

5. Then there was that time she yelled at Burger’s m8s for no reason.

6. Are we supposed to feel bad for Carrie here? Y/N?

7. Some people are just trying to earn a living and here’s Carrie ordering a Cosmo at Burger King.

8. She was always dribbling out confusing nonsense like this.

9. JESUS RELAX!!! You live in a rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan. You’re doing fine.

10. Hey Carrie, your privilege is showing.

11. Remember when she would only ice skate while smoking a cigarette?

12. This has ‘fire hazard’ written all over it.

13. That time she slut-shamed Samantha was not cute. But at least it gave us this line.

14. She destroyed a perfectly good wedding dress that one time.

15. And finally, when she said this to Big and it made absolutely no sense to him.


Who TF is Hubbell? Big was just left massively confused and, tbh, same. I’m confused all over again for even delving into Carrie’s messy drama.

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