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Everyone Agrees That Adam In ‘Sex Education’ Deserves The Goddamn World

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When it comes to redemption arcs, it doesn’t get much more satisfying than Adam Groff’s journey on Sex Education.

Adam (played by Connor Swindells) was first introduced as the school bully and son of Moordale Secondary School’s former headteacher Mr. Groff, with who he had a fraught relationship with. By Season 2, Adam’s father sent him to military school but he was eventually expelled and sent back to Moordale.

While initially Adam would routinely beat up Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), this rivalry controversially turned into a romance when they had a brief sexual encounter at the end of Season 1, followed by their first kiss in Season 2. This year’s season began with Adam and Eric finally dating, and they shared some genuinely cute moments together: they spoke openly about sex, put on makeup together, and even went on a double date. However, by the time the season concluded, Eric cheated on Adam with a fling he met in Nigeria, then returned only to break Adam’s heart by ending their short-lived relationship.

The breakup was especially tragic as Adam came a long way this season: he started to communicate better with Eric and his mum Maureen; he asked Miss Sands for help discovering his passions; he mended his relationship with Rahim; and he even started to train his family pooch to compete in dog shows.

This is leaps and bounds ahead of the Adam we saw in the first two seasons, who struggled to contain his anger or string a coherent sentence together. Adam has turned out to be the wholesome king this show needed all this time.

Sex Education fans all agree that the unexpected hero of the season has been Adam:

Adam is too precious for this world.

Here are some of the reasons why everyone is obsessed with Adam on Season 3 of Sex Education:

1. Adam watches Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

There’s nothing more refreshing than when someone you’ve put in the ‘macho man’ column surprises you by enjoying something typically associated with femininity — like being a massive KUWTK stan. This admission by Adam was especially cute given how little he speaks openly about himself and his interests.

When he, Eric, Otis and Ruby were on a double date, the audience anticipated an awkward mess to unfold. Instead, our expectations were subverted when Ruby and Adam bonded over the news that Kim Kardashian would use a surrogate for her next birth. Adam revealed to the gang “I watch The Kardashians with my mum,” as Otis and Ruby were stunned and Eric grinned approvingly.

It’s just a joyous scene from start to finish.

2. Adam helped out Rahim, showing that deep down he’s a kind soul.

Adam started the season acting jealous and angry towards Eric’s ex Rahim, but by the time the season wrapped up, the two students somehow became surprising allies. It began on the field trip to France, when Adam covered for Rahim throwing a bag of his own faeces out of the bus when the toilet wouldn’t flush — hitting an oncoming car in the process. Adam nobly took the blame, in turn being humiliated in front of everyone on the trip, then later again when headteacher Hope Haddon made a spectacle of him at school assembly.

After Haddon publicly shamed Adam in front of the whole school, Rahim ended up getting suspended for defending Adam. Later on, Adam consulted Rahim for advice on a poem he had written for Eric. This is the start of a beautiful friendship — and I wouldn’t be surprised if it blossoms into something more next season.

3. Adam penned a poem for Eric and it broke our hearts.

Despite their rocky relationship in Season 1 and 2, Adam was actually a super loyal boyfriend to Eric. So it came as quite a shock that even after Eric cheated on Adam — and Adam forgave him — Eric still broke up with him at the end of Season 3.

This was ever sadder as under Rahim’s guidance, Adam had penned Eric a gorgeous poem — even after hearing about him cheating. In the poem’s most emotional part, he wrote:

“A boy I don’t like told me to write from the heart,

I didn’t know what that meant because I never knew I had one,

I never knew I had a heart,

‘Til you said you kissed a boy I haven’t met,

Then I knew I had a heart,

Because I thought it might stop.”

I mean… PAIN!!!

It’s truly a touching but bittersweet message: even though Eric broke Adam’s heart, at least it showed Adam that he possessed the ability to be heartbroken.

4. Adam’s dog training aspirations were so wholesome.

Watching Adam’s supportive relationships with his mum and teacher Miss Sands, were some of the most moving moments this whole season. Adam started Season 3 not knowing who he was, or who he wanted to be, admitting that the only thing that interested him was his mum’s dog Madam. Relatable. By the end of the season, Adam was excited about training Madam, with the pair even competing in a dog show in the final episode. While they didn’t win, Adam’s mum and Miss Sands both showing their support for Adam’s dreams was too pure for this earth.

After the dog show, Adam finally came out to his mum, telling her that Eric was actually his boyfriend — not a school friend — and they had just split up. She hugged him.

The dog show scene following Adam being left heartbroken by Eric was particularly poignant. Adam was obviously devastated, but instead of reverting back to the toxic person he was before Eric entered his life, Adam found joy in new and positive outlets… not to mention wholesome!!

I’m crying just thinking about this scene again. Adam finding happiness within himself is what he truly deserves.

You can stream Sex Education on Netflix.