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22 Perfect Memes About Season 3 Of ‘Sex Education’

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After long last, Moordale Secondary School is back in session. Netflix has dropped the highly anticipated third season of Sex Education and it does not disappoint.

This post obviously contains many Season 3 spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what happens, then get going!

This year’s students were shaken to their core when new headteacher Hope Haddon (played by Girls alum Jemima Kirke) is hired, banishing Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve’s (Emma Mackey) progressive sex education program. In its place, Haddon introduces a pro-abstinence approach to sexual health, removing students individuality by bringing in school uniforms, and made students carry placards around their necks to shame them for breaking any rules. It’s a bad time!

As the students struggle to deal with Haddon’s regime, Otis starts the semester dating popular student Ruby (Mimi Keene), only to break her heart, and get back on his bullshit by ending up chasing Maeve. Maeve began the season by finding out that Isaac deleted Otis’ voicemail last season, but she eventually forgave Isaac, they dated briefly, before she went running back to Otis.

If you think this means Otis and Maeve will finally get together, then sorry ’bout it. It’s hinted that Maeve is heading to the US after getting into a sought-after exchange program for gifted students.

Another relationship that was a real rollercoaster in Season 3 was Eric and Adam. They started out strong, but it was obvious that the couple were in different stages of self-acceptance. Eric wanted to live unapologetically as himself, find out about his heritage, and start exploring queer spaces, like what he experienced in Nigeria. Adam, on the other hand, barely knows who he is and isn’t ready to come out to his family yet. This disconnected dynamic came undone when Eric cheated on Adam in Nigeria, then when he returned home, he ended things with Adam.

This was a real gut-punch as while Eric was away, Adam was a goddamn saint. He discovered he had a passion for dog training, and even covered for Eric’s ex Rahim in an embarrassing bus incident on a field trip to France. If Season 3 taught us anything it’s that Adam deserves the goddamn world.

If, like me, you binged the entire Season 3 in one day and are now feeling low, let these hilarious tweets ease your suffering.

Here are some simply perfect memes about Season 3 of Sex Education:























You can stream Sex Education on Netflix.