shannon noll

LMAO: Of Course Shannon Noll’s Angry Rant Has Been Turned Into A ‘What About Me’ Parody

Over the weekend, Shannon Noll was filmed going on a furious rant at a gig after a full beer can was thrown at him on stage. It was easy material for a parody, and ABC comedy show Tonightly with Tom Ballard swiftly took the bait.

The comedy series has rejigged Shannon’s rant, which included insults like “You’re a fucking maggot,” and “private school mother fucker”. Classic banter.

He also spat out some alarming and violent threats such as “I’ll fuck ya missus and ya mum,” as well as “Have some fucking balls and get up ‘ere and I’ll punch your fucking teeth down your throat out the back”. Calm down, Shannon!

The singer has since apologised for his behaviour. But luckily his rambling words fit neatly into his most beloved cover of ‘What About Me’.

It’s the most Aussie thing to ever happen.

Check it out below: