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RUTHLESS: Shannon Noll Gets 2nd Place On Another Reality Show & We Demand Justice

15 years after finishing second place in Australian Idol in 2003, the Australian public has rubbed salt right in the wounds by voting Shannon Noll into runner-up position yet again on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

After six weeks living in the South African wilderness, Nollsy was forced to survive without his favourite dish of fish-tacos and didn’t walk away with the chocolates. NOOOOO!

Our boy just can’t catch a bloody break. Shame on you, Australia. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Nollsy was a fave from the very beginning but with echoes of 2003, he was robbed by an evil channel Ten conspiracy (likely led by Sandra Sully), with the legend losing out to comedian (and worthy jungle opponent) Fiona O’Loughlin.

What about Shannon tho guys?? What about Shannon!?? Enough is enough. #JusticeForNollsy

Fans have flocked to Twitter to voice their outrage at this injustice.

It’s hitting us v hard tbh ,so pls enjoy one of his beautiful songs to lift ya spirits:

WATCH: Shannon Noll Performs On I’m A Celeb

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